Gieb Art

Park Central has partnered with ArtSpan to bring the work of local San Francisco artists to our hotel. 

Our first resident artist, Robert Giebler, started creating art at a young age. In high school and college, pencil and charcoal were his media of choice, and his desire to make drawings that look just like photographs defined his early artistic style.

After graduating from University of Kansas, Robert worked in a variety of industries before getting back on his creative path. His new artistic approach incorporated digital illustration and photography, as well as painting in watercolor, oil, and acrylic.

Though his early work celebrated photo-realism, Robert’s current style is more abstract and open to interpretation. Inspired by the scenery that surrounds him, he aims to capture beautiful landscape photographs and to create vibrant illustrations of the city and its skyline.

Robert’s work, Gieb Art, shows a unique perspective that is meant to inspire viewers to reflect and form their own ideas about what they are seeing.

Sun Spiral

Sun in the sky radiating waves of gold.

City Burning Sunset

A colorful sunset in San Francisco.

Drink of Illusion

Sipping on confidence, savvy, and courage.

Sip of Decadence

A drink that sends you down the rabbit hole.

Sunset on the Bay Bridge

A pop of color overhead.

Electric Orchid

Luminescent effect inside orchid flowers.

Ice Orchid

Frozen orchid flower in a cold winter night.

Hot Cup of Lava

Scooping up lava from the edge of a volcano.

Inner Arches

The curved structures within the human body.

Sip of Lava

Pouring a drink of hot, volcanic lava.

Drink of Youth

Magic elixir, direct from the Fountain of Youth.

Red Sunset Over the City

After the fog has lifted.